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Steve Solves Stonehenge Mystery!

For generations Stonehenge has mystified us - "Why was this built?" No longer a mystery Steve Hoberman has determined it was the Druid's first attempt at data modeling. Says Steve: "It occured to me while studying the placement of these large stones, especially that large associative entity over there, that they were building some sort of data model. It is obvious that before the days of data modeling tools, modelers had to use more primitive ways to capture information such as through stone..."
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I usually recommend data modeling training shortly after potty training. In our first formal data modeling lesson, I was impressed how quickly Sadie and Jamie were able to pick up the basic modeling concepts. If you look closely at this picture, you will notice on the data modeling tool we are using, the Doodle Pro, the two entities CHILD and TOY have a many-to-many relationship. This was not only a lesson in data modeling but also a lesson in sharing. A CHILD can play with many TOYs, and more importantly, a TOY can be played with by many CHILDREN. Unfortunately, a toy being played with by more than one child is a rule which is still being debated within our household!
Steve Hoberman is the most requested data modeling instructor in the world. Steve balances the formality and precision of data modeling with the realities of building software systems with severe time, budget, and people constraints. He taught his first data modeling class in 1992 and has educated more than 10,000 people about data modeling and business intelligence techniques since then, spanning every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Steve is the author of seven books on data modeling, the founder of the Design Challenges group, inventor of the Data Model Scorecard®, Conference Chair of the Data Modeling Zone conference, recipient of the 2012 Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) International Professional Achievement Award, and highest rated presenter at Enterprise Data World 2014. Steve can be reached at

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